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Why us?

First and foremost, we focus on satisfaction of our customers in our work. We believe that a satisfied customer will recommend us further, which is the best advertisement for our services.
We are happy to see our customers develop their businesses and we are trying to help them with that as much as we can. We ourselves treat our work as business and we want to be your partner in business, not just a necessity. Call us, write to us or come to our office and find out that Rafin accounting is not a typical accounting office!

What makes us stand out?

Flexibility and individual approach are what separates us from the rest on the market of accounting services. We are able to adjust to the convenience and preferences of our customers to a great extent by using modern software and other solutions to help you reach your goals. It does not necessarily need to be our way.

We are also open and transparent, not needing to hide anything. At the same time we want to be beneficial to our customers. We use an online software, to which you are going to have access, where at your disposal there is not only anything related to your company, but also you are able to view and supervise our work! You will also have access to such amenities as invoicing software, entirely for free!

Our offer

KPiR / Lump Sum

Simplified accounting for sole entrepreneurships in the form of Ksiega Przychodow i Rozchodow (KPiR) and Ryczalt ewidencjonowany (Lump Sum). Within our service we provide everything that is necessary for your entrepreneurship in terms of tax and accounting. Should you have any questions regarding running your business, especially with the current reality changing so dynamically, we will answer all of them.

Księgi handlowe
Accounting Ledgers

Keeping accounting ledgers for companies. Your company is obliged to keep accounting ledgers? No problem, at least for us. In such situation we provide full and comprehensive service alongside with preparing financial statements. If necessary, we can help with sending the approved financial statements to the National Court Register (KRS).

Kadry i płace
Payroll and Human Resources

Payroll and Human Resources service for Employees and Contractors. Within the service we provide preparing and handling of employees contracts (umowa o prace, umowa zlecenie etc.), registering employees in ZUS (Social Insurance Institution), calculating salaries, preparing and sending declarations and so on.

Pomoc przy założeniu działalności lub rejestracji spółki
Help with starting your entrepreneurship or registering a company

Want to start your own sole entrepreneurship or register a company, but have no idea where to start? Contact us and we will gladly help you. We offer help and support during the entire process, from the beginning to the very end, helping you fill out all the required submissions and forms. Of course, we will answer all your questions along the way and explain anything that is not fully understood.

Deklaracje roczne
Annual tax declarations

We also offer services regarding preparing annual tax declarations (PIT). We specialize in tax reports for foreign incomes and, should the need arise, we will help determine the correct Tax Residence. We are equally agile in stock market (also Forex) and cryptocurrency tax reports. If you have any non-standard income and do not know what to do about it, contact us and we will gladly help!

Usługi dodatkowe
Additional services

Beyond accounting we are also credit and leasing intermediaries as well as selling insurance. It is not important whether you or your company need any of those products as we offer both loans and insurance for businesses and private persons (apart from leasing which is only aimed at business clients). Whether you are our customer or not, we will happily prepare an offer tailored to your needs and requirements.

Trusted by our customers

We have lots of experience in serving Expats in Poland. On the right you can see what they say about us

I totally recommend Rafał to any expat living in Poland and goes through the nightmare of having to declare their taxes there! After trying a few accountants, I can finally trust that a thorough and correct job is being done, which is a big relief. You can also count on his fast service and replies! A great profesionall all in all!

Evita Klient

My experience working with Rafał was wonderful. Filing taxes in another country in another language can be extremely overwhelming, so it was such a relief to be able to rely on Rafał. He was very professional and timely, and I would recommend his services to anyone, especially English- speaking foreigners who live(d) and work(ed) in Poland and are seeking assistance with taxes.

Gabrielle Klient

Highly recommended! Rafał has been extremely professional and timely. I highly recommend his service to everyone, especially English-speaking foreigners in Poland seeking assistance with taxes which might be extremely overwhelming.

Raluca Klient

Fantastic service: Attempting to do my taxes myself of course I had some problems and was pulling my hair out. I should have spoken to Rafał earlier. Very quick and clear communication, everything done via a few emails and a nice refund received. Thank you Rafał!

Paul Klient

Oh the daunting process of taxes! The even more daunting process of taxes for a foreigner. Fortunately I found Rafał's services to be extremely professional. He will always answer and clear any doubts about this process. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you for everything!

Ramses Klient

Great experience from start to finish! The whole experience was painless with information of what was needed and what was done along the way and also explanations of the final payments. Rafal communication was in English, clear and concise. Highly recommended if you're looking for tax- filing assistance.

George Klient

Highly recommend! Rafał was professional, timely, and openly communicated with me throughout the process. He's very comfortable with English as well, for any foreigners out there seeking an accountant

Ylanos Klient

Rafal was very responsive and very quick to file my declaration. He went above and beyond to answer the many questions that I had in great detail. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an accountant!

Lauren Klient

First time filing taxes in Poland and Rafal was great about explaining what I needed to send him and super responsive with emails. He was also exceptional with answering all my questions in a speedy manner. The price also seemed very reasonable to me and I would certainly recommend him in the future.

Naomi Klient

Rafal is very responsive, and suggestions from him were exceptional. Tax filing was never so easy and smooth in a single day with so many complexities involved in my case. I would highly recommend it.

Manish Klient

I worked with Rafal to do my taxes for personal investments. As a US tax payer but PL resident I need to pay to PL first and then get the foreign tax credit in US, and it's all a bit tricky as you must convert currencies by date, etc. So not the kind of work I want to do. 🙂 Rafal was awesome super helpful and patient and very prompt in his communication. Something you don't always experience when working with "professionals". 🙂 But Rafal is a true pro and I will continue to use him for my personal tax needs and refer him to others who need help.

Tom Klient

I was quite happy with the services of Rafał: his responses were quick, he answered all my questions in timely manner and made filling the tax form the least painless business ever. I would definitely recommend!

Polina Klient


    KPiR and Ryczaltfrom 400 PLN
    Accounting Ledgersfrom 1000 PLN
    Payroll and HRfrom 100 PLN
    Annual tax declarationsfrom 250 PLN
    Help with starting a business:sole proprietorship500 PLN
    company (S24, complex service)2 500 PLN
    All prices are net


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